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Golf Holidays in Belgium

The best golf holiday destinations in Belgium

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Golf Holidays in Belgium

Golf holidays in Belgium - a veritable golfing selection box

Taking a golf holiday in Belgium might not spring instantly to many golfer's minds, but with a broad range of golf courses, good connections to all parts of Europe and some stimulating cities to visit, Belgium is well worthy of consideration when planning your next golfing break.  True, the weather might not match the incessant sunshine of more southern golfing destinations, but you will find the cooler Belgian climes ensure that golf courses maintain their greenness throughout the Summer.

Golf holidays in Belgium

Although nowadays at the very centre of Europe, Belgium still remains a mystery to many people. The combination of cultures at this continental crossroads lends Belgium a very cosmopolitan feel.

In the North of Belgium, Dutch and Flemish are the languages commonly spoken and the people have a correspondingly Teutonic approach to life: in the southern half of the country the language of choice is French and a more relaxed lifestyle is discernible. But whichever half of the country you head for, just about everybody speaks perfect English in addition to their mother tongue, so there are rarely any Belgian communication problems!

Golf holidays in Belgium

Near the Belgian coast, around Oostende and Zeebrugge, the land has only recently (geologically speaking) returned from the sea and is fairly flat sandy links with outbreaks of dunes here and there - perfect golfing terrain for links style courses.

Heading south, the countryside soon changes to farmland, small villages and green rolling hills, a fine pastoral framework for parkland and woodland golf courses.

Golf holidays in Belgium

The Belgians, supposedly famous for not being famous, will point out that their beers, chocolates and mussels are second to none (difficult to argue with that!). And that there is plenty more on the tourist menu besides these highlights. 

Golf holidays in Belgium

They will also be only too pleased to point out some of the other attractions of this intriguing coalition of contrasts and why it's a country so well worth discovering.


Golf holidays in Waterloo

The site of the famous 1815 battle between Napoleon and the British allies is today a fairly small town although slowly developing and spreading out towards the battlefields.

Golf holidays in Belgium

Waterloo, or more generally the province of Brabant-Walloon, has become the epicentre of golf in Belgium. The region has a dozen good quality golf courses within an hour's drive of the town ranging from exclusive Clubs like Royal Waterloo to more commercial Golf Clubs like Pierrepont, there is something to appeal to every class of golfer on holiday in Belgium.

Golf holidays in Brussels

The city of Brussels is large but the centre is a delightful place to spend an afternoon shopping or wandering through the impressive squares.  And it just happens to be within range of the excellent golf courses to the north of Waterloo - plus Royal Belgique, which is a real treat.  We can arrange for small groups to play this ancient course that runs through a quasi-arboretum and is maintained to Kew Garden standards!

Golf holidays in Belgium

Golf holidays in Brugge, Zeebrugge (Zoute) and Ostend

If you arrive in the country by Eurotunnel or ferry into Calais, it is well worth stopping off for a game at Royal Zoute en-route to Waterloo. This course regularly hosts the Belgian Open and it is immediately apparent why.

If you would like to stay a night or two in the area there is only one spot for you to consider - Brugge, the 'Venice of Belgium'. A fabulous town seemingly designed for tourism with all manner of delights on your doorstep, architectural, historical, epicurean, nocturnal - and don't forget the 400 or so different beers on offer...

Golf on the Belgian coast.

Golf holidays in Mons

Not far over the French border, Mons is one of Belgium’s more characterful, university towns that lends itself perfectly to tourism - even without the added joy of golf!

Mons is the perfect size for strolling; the network of cobbled streets linking the squares and striking bell towers will become familiar even on just a one or two-night golf break.

There are some good golf courses around the city of Mons, the finest of which is undoubtedly Royal Hainaut Golf Club - an unassuming and extremely friendly club despite its 'Royal' title. The supporting group of golf courses Mont Garni and Mormal are respectable too, plus many of the Waterloo golf courses are within range of a visit to Mons. An excellent candidate for a short golf break to Belgium.

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"Thank you for arranging a superb long weekend in Belgium - I never knew they had so many great courses."
J. Matchett - Claygate


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