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Review of golf holidays in Normandy: Deauville - Trouville - Honfleur.

Trouville harbour

Golf holidays in Normandy

Coming from the UK, Belgium or the Netherlands, Normandy is one of the easiest parts of France to reach.  And one of the most attractive too with its lush countryside, rolling hills and miles of sandy beaches.  The landscape is either forest, dairy farms or apple orchards, studded with the characteristic Normandy architecture of cream coloured houses with their exposed chocolate wooden framework.

Honfleur's picturesque quay

There are two main areas for golf: Deauville and the coastline along to Honfleur with its array of good courses and busy seaside resorts; inland south of Rouen there is another cluster of good Normandy golf courses, although in a much quieter rural setting.

Deauville market

Deauville, Trouville or Honfleur?

Deauville is the chic option - the place to be seen in all you finery either on the boardwalks posing beside the Hollywood beach huts, shopping at the designer boutiques, sipping champagne at the Polo or placing a crafty bet at the casino.

Trouville, the livelier sibling to Deauville, has a much more relaxed ambience.  Maybe it's the number of restaurant tables in the plein-air running along the main road, maybe it's the buzzing fish market selling their wares at little stalls alongside the estuary harbour, maybe it's the number of hotels and guesthouses in town: whatever the reason there are generally many more tourists, more life, more buzz.

Honfleur is a slightly smaller town although a very popular tourist destination centred around its square quayside.  This man-made harbour is lined on three sides by brightly canopied restaurants vying for your business, you will be spoilt for choice.

The backstreets of Honfleur

Golf Holidays - Champ de Bataille & Rouen

For golf inland around Champ de Bataille, Val de Reuil and Rouen the towns are much simpler and quieter with the locals earning their crust through farming and industry rather than the tourist trade.  So unless you stay in the Normandy capital city of Rouen you will find little to do after dinner apart from deep, silent slumber: although rumour has it that it helps your game!

Normandy golf courses

The prime concentration of golf courses, and hence for many the best base for a Normandy golf holiday, is the coast around Deauville and the immediate hinterlands.  Here the golf courses are plentiful with the likes of Deauville, St. Julien and Amirauté leading the charge with some appealing parkland golf.  There are no true links courses to be found in this part of Normandy, although the short course at Cabourg-le-Home has a linksy feel to a few of the holes.

Further to the West is Omaha beach, famed for its cliff top stretch of holes.  Heading East, the pretty course at Le Havre is easy to get to (but becoming trickier to get on!), just past it you will come to Etretat a simply stunning setting atop towering chalk cliffs.

Turning inland towards Rouen there is another belt of golf courses to be found, including the majestic Champ de Bataille cutting through the ancient forests that surround the equally ancient château.  For many golfers, Champ de Bataille is the main reason to holiday in this part of France and we fully understand why!  And being only one hour's drive from Deauville or Trouville it is reachable from there as well. 

Other golf courses in this area include Vaudreuil with its enormous Normandy clubhouse and the unassuming Léry-Poses, which is a public course, but a very good one!  Closer to Rouen city is Mont St. Aignan and St. Saens, two interesting courses - if a little hilly in places.

Sightseeing in Normandy

Aside form the golf there is much to do and see in Normandy.  Dating back to ancient Norman churches from William the Conqueror's era and indeed the famous Bayeux Tapestry; along with memorials to more recent conflicts along the Normandy Beaches, moving epitaphs to such waste and human sacrifice.

The Memorial at Omaha Beach

On a cheerier note, every pretty little town and village seems to have a huge church at its centre, some remarkable ones exist, such as the wood-tiled, double-barrelled example in Honfleur.  Once or twice a week these towns will host the local market, a golden opportunity to pick-up some local goodies - and some local expressions!

Getting to Deauville, Trouville & Honfleur

The very easiest way to Deauville is via the Brittany Ferries crossings form Portsmouth to Caen or LD lines sailings to Le Havre.  We will recommend the best routes and crossing times for you and book these and any cabins you may require at our advantageous rates.

Alternatively, it is a very easy drive from Calais these days, now that the autoroute is linked all the way through form Calais to Rouen and on to Caen.  Making the Eurotunnel or Dover-Calais ferries another option to consider.  We can include these in your holiday at our reduced rates.

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3 nights, 3 rounds, breakfasts and dinner at the Hotel du Golf in a Deluxe sea-view room:

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