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The best La Baule hotels for golf holidays

Including: Chateau de la Bretesche Hotel & Self-Catering cottages.

Hermitage La Baule*****

Hermitage Hotel - La Baule

The largest luxury hotel on the seafront in La Baule, owned and managed by the Lucien Barriere group who also happen to own the La Baule Golf Club and the Casino in La Baule: quite a portfolio!  The hotel décor is best described as 'modern classic' as this centurion has been refreshed on a regular basis over the years.  Bedrooms are regularly updated; lounge, bar and restaurants are all kept bright and stylish.

Hermitage Hotel - La Baule

The Hermitage La Baule has a very good restaurant within its walls if you choose to dine in.  If you prefer to dine out, stroll across to its Eden Beach restaurant just outside the front door on the very sands of La Baule, where you can enjoy some of the freshest fish and seafood, beautifully prepared and accompanied by unforgettable sunsets over the golden sands.  Or you could try their other restaurants 'Le Ponton' (also on the beach) or the exquisite dining at the Castel Marie Louise.  And beyond the Barriere brand there are many, many more restaurants amongst the streets of La Baule  and in the forest beyond.

If golf is not relaxing enough for you, there are indoor and outdoor pools at the Hermitage, plus you can use the huge spa at the nearby Royal Thalasso (another Lucien Barriere establishment), for more details see below.  For getting arond town under your own steam, the hotel provides free bicycles - no better way to discover the long crescent of sandy beach  with its little ports of Le Pouligen and Pornichet at either end.

Free golf at La Baule, La Bretesche, St. Jean de Monts or Pornic for every night you stay!

Domaine de la Bretesche

The Château de la Bretesche is  quite simply one of the most iconic and best preserved French Châteaux surviving today.  The grounds around the château (le domaine) have been crafted into a testing woodland golf course; the original outbuildings (servants quarters, stable block, etcetera) have been converted partly into a luxury five-star hotel, partly into self-catering cottages and partly into the golf clubhouse.  The château itself has been divided and sold off as individual apartments, so unfortunately no longer available as accommodation for golfers.


La Bretesche - The Cottages

La Bretesche - Cottages

The cottages at La Bretesche have always been the most relevant accommodation for visiting golfers, mainly due to the free golf that you will be entitled to, but also for their self-catering facilities. 

La Bretesche - Cottages

You may choose to have breakfast included in your stay (which is served in the Clubhouse) or not.  When evening rolls around the Clubhouse serves delicious, sensibly priced menus with daily specials. Or if you fancy a real culinary treat, just across the Clubhouse courtyard there is the Michelin starred restaurant that looks out over the lake towards the Château: a fine spot for fine dining.

La Bretesche - Cottages

The cottages are to be found either adjoining the Clubhouse or hidden through the forest that shrouds the golf course in its emerald cloak.  Some are privately owned, but most are available to wayfaring golfers wishing to enjoy the regal calm of the Domaine de La Bretesche.  You will also have access to the outdoor pool and to the variety of futuristic treatments available at the Cour Carré mini-spa within the hotel.

La Bretesche Hotel - Spa

Free golf everyday at: La Bretesche,
La Baule, St. Jean de Monts
and Nantes Vigneux.

Hotel Royal***** - La Baule

Hotel Royal - La Baule

The Hôtel Royal is one of the grand old hotels of La Baule around which the whole of the rest of the resort appears to have grown up - La Baule's flagship in many ways.  Over the years all manner of glitterati have passed through its revolving doors and enjoyed its refined charms.  Gazing out towards the ocean across its manicured lawns, the Royal Hotel holds its head high, proud of its history and status as one of France's few five-star hotels. 

Superior bedroom

Although the Royal Hotel has a very traditional air, it has been gracefully modernised over the years.  Testament to this forward thinking is the extensive Thalasso centre (sea water spa).  All manner of treatments are available here, from week long courses with special diets, to an afternoon's revitalisation or just an hour's soothing.  The Thalasso may even distract any non-golfers from the chic boutiques that surround the Royal!

Hotel Royal - La Baule

In addition to the indoor Thalasso pool, one of the largest seawater spas in France  with a huge range of treatments available to tenderise or beautify any parts that might need it, plus there is an outdoor pool and of course, three miles of sandy beach  and the Atlantic Ocean just outside your front gate.

Hotel Royal - La Baule

Fouquet's restaurant at the hotel is pure Parisian brasserie, if ever so slightly formal.  More relaxed dining is available at Le Ponton down on the beach or any of the other restaurants along La Baule's oceanfront - including the Casino just next door.

Hotel Royal - La Baule

Free golf everyday at: La Baule, La Bretesche, St. Jean de Monts and Nantes - Vigneux.