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Golf holidays in Venice & Veneto

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Golf holidays in Venice

Golf holidays in Veneto

The Veneto region of Italy has a lot to offer the golfing tourist with a range of excellent golf courses spread fairly widely across the region from the mountains in the North down to the sea in the South as you can see from our Golf Map of Veneto.

The big tourist attraction is of course the timeless floating city of Venice that draws huge crowds all year round (although few are aware of the wonderful golf course tucked away on the Lido di Venezia).


If you would like to base your golf holiday in Venice then we would be delighted to arrange that for you at a number of very good (and very romantic) Venice hotels.  However, being an island, it does make getting around to the golf courses a little tricky - but not impossible.  One solution is to stay over on the Lido di Venezia from where you will have access to Venice via a ten-minute vaporettoand can get down to Venezia Golf Club in a ten-minute taxi ride.


Having spent some time researching all the places to base yourself for a golf holiday in Veneto, we are of the opinion that the best place to stay is Treviso.  The hotels aren't super luxurious but the location is pretty much perfect for a Venice golfing holiday. 

Treviso is a lively university town that is typical of northern Italy with narrow arcaded streets, dozens of cosy Osterias (the Italian for brasserie) offering the finest food, local wines and beers, large piazzas ringed by cafes and pasticcerias and of course all the designer shopping you could wish for!

Treviso is not so big that traffic is a problem, making travel to the Veneto golf courses comparatively easy.  Visiting Venice could hardly be any easier too: just hop on the direct train that will have you in St. Marks Square in half-an-hour - simple and convenient.

Abano Terme

The Italians take their spa holidays very seriously and and there is a whole string of spa towns running along the Euganean hills dedicated to well being.  Of these, Abano Terme has blossomed into the principal centre with a town crammed full of spa hotels both old and new.  The centre of the Abano is car-free, whic makes it a very pleasant spot for strolling.

Abano Terme

The spas in some of the hotels can be quite medical but golfers will generally just make use of the leisure facilities like the pools and saunas.  However it's nice to know that massages are available if you have over-stretched yourself with the driver!

Abano Terme

Abano is by no means a wild party town, but there are a few bars and cafes that stay open late if the mood takes you.


Getting to Veneto & Venice

Very easy to get to with a surprisingly good supply of flights into Venice and Verona airports with British Airways amongst many others. 

From Venice airport to Treviso will only take an hour and about twice that from Verona.  If you decide to stay in Abano Terme (or Padova) driving times will be slightly longer, but nothing too taxing.


Golf holidays in Venice.
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