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The best hotels for Lake Maggiore golf holidays

Our selected hotels on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Castello and Palazzo Dal Pozzo

Castello dal Pozzo & Palazzo dal Pozzo
An hotel composed of a Castello (details below) and a Palazzo - take your pick!  They stand close together in their own woodland park in the tiny village of Oleggio Castello on the hillside about a mile above Arona and Lake Maggiore.
The Palazzo was added beside the Castello in the 17th Century as a residence for the Viscount of Aragon. Both buildings have has been owned by the Dal Pozzo family for the last six-generations.

Palazzo Dal Pozzo*****

The modernised Palazzo serves as the main hotel with the vast majority of bedrooms, the restaurant and bar: so this is where most golfers would stay.  Being an ancient building, bedrooms are of varying shapes and sizes.  Each one has been decorated and furnished individually in both a practical and sympathetic way.  On the ground floor there is a small bar in the lobby area and outside a large patio and garden with seating and parasols.

Palazzo dal Pozzo - Lake Maggiore

The restaurant at the Palazzo dal Pozzo is one of the finest in the area (that's saying something in Italy!) and dinner may be enjoyed outside on warm summer evenings.  Within walking distance there are a couple of good restaurants in Oleggio Castello and down in Arona plenty more choice along the shore of Lake Maggiore.

The Palazzo has a secure car-park underneath the embryonic pool and spa, which is scheduled to be finished sometime soon...

Castello dal Pozzo*****

The ancient settlement of Oleggio Castello has a long history dating back to Roman times and was apparently once a base for the Fifth Legion.  They have now moved on and  the current Castello is thought to have originated around 1000AD.  You will be pleased to hear that it has been remodeled and restructured a few times since, gaining its current form in the mid-1800's.  The Castello is now widely recognised as one of the finest examples of Italian neo-gothic architecture with interior detailing to rival the finest historical monuments.  If you are staying in the Palazzo ask for a tour of the Castello during your stay - it's a fascinating building with great views down to Lake Maggiore.

If you would like to stay in the Castello itself please enquire as there are a few bedrooms within the ancient building, however a minimum number of rooms is required to make opening the Castello viable and there may be functions occuring during the time of your stay.

Giardino Hotel***

Giardino Hotel - Lake Maggiore

The Giardino Hotel is a simple, straightforward family run hotel that is kept up-to-date by the younger branch of the family and which could not be more central.  The location is the great attraction, with the lake in front of you (small supplement for lake view rooms) and the narrow streets of the old town behind you: the whole of Arona is on your doorstep.

Giardino Hotel - Lake Maggiore

The restaurant of this family run hotel was sold off some years ago so is now a separate entity beside the hotel (and very popular with the locals).  Needless to say it is not the only dining option in a lively Italian town!   All around town and along the lakefront there are plenty more superb trattorias plying their trade (including our favourite Enoteca).

Giardino Hotel - Lake Maggiore

Slightly inconveniently, the Giardino does not have its own car-park, so spaces have to be found in the streets in front of the hotel and along the lakeshore drive.  In reality this is not a huge problem in Arona apart from the month of August, when the whole country seems to go on holiday and it is probably too hot for golf in any case!

Hotel Concorde****

Just on the northern edge of Arona, pressed up between the rock face behind and the lakeside road in front, the Concorde is the largest hotel in town. From the balconies of the air-conditioned bedrooms there are wonderful views out over the lake to the castle of Angera on the far side.

Concorde Hotel - Lake Maggiore

The Concorde Hotel has ample parking and you can stroll from the hotel into the town’s main piazza in five minutes. The bar and restaurant on the ground floor offer panoramic views across the lake and a very good menu too!

Concorde Hotel - Lake Maggiore

There is a fashionable nightspot around the corner from the hotel, however this is only open on Friday and Saturday evenings in the summer months; so unlikely to disturb your slumber - unless you happen to be in it!

Towards Turin

Although the city of Turin is not strictly a resort town in the Italian Lakes!, it can be reached quite easily  from Maggiore and visited in a day trip or a few days and nights golfing and sightseeing in Turin can be combined with a golfing holiday in the Italian Lakes.   So we have included a frather special place to stay below. If you would rather be in the city itself just let us know as we can recommend a few nice places to stay.

Le Betulle - Foresteria

Le Bettulle - Foresteria

In Italy rooms attached to a Clubhouse are known as a Foresteria, roughly equivalent to a British 'Dormy House', but being Italian a lot more stylish! 

The rooms at Le Betulle are a classic example of this style of golfing accommodation: simply but nicely furnished with plain wooden flooring and good clean bathrooms with plenty of hot water. 

The Golf Club is a fair way from other forms of civilisation,  so thankfully there is a very comfortable bar and an outstanding restaurant, so you are likely to survive!

For hard-core golfers who like to be on the first Tee first thing, or lovers of peaceful nights in the forest quiet, Le Betulle is ideal.

In truth, other golf courses and the bright lights of Turin are reachable in an hour or so's drive, so days out in the modern world are very feasible from Le Betulle - it just feels far removed from worldly worries: how nice!


Le Bettulle - Foresteria Le Bettulle - Foresteria Le Bettulle - Foresteria