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Golf holidays in Essaouira

Essaouira is Morocco's most laid-back seaside resort.  The relaxed ambience coupled with the vast sandy beaches and Ocean waves attracts a throng of surfers from across Europe to its shores every Summer.  The old whitewashed buildings of the Medinah and the fortifications of the Portuguese port provide a unique backdrop to all this aquatic activity.

With Essaouira being so close to Marrakech, you could easily split a golf holiday between the two for a city-and-sea combination golf break?!?

Within the Medinah the town has been improved by tourism rather than ruined by it.  Essaouira retains all of its original Moroccan charm and the influx of tourist Dirhams has encouraged the locals to tidy the town, polish up the hotels and clean the streets: showing off their lovely town to its best advantage.  You will find the folk here especially welcoming, the food excellent and plenty of cafes and bars too to enjoy a sundowner or two.

Fishing is still a lively industry in Essaouira and everyday you will see the armada of bright blue boats either heading out to sea or returning with the day's catch ready for the market that occupies most of the centre of town.

You may be surprised to hear that this part of Morocco sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean enjoys a wonderful climate and never gets too hot for golf, even in the summer months when temperatures can soar into the 100s in Marrakech the ocean breezes maintain a steady 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit out on the coast.

The old centre of Essaouira is the very essence of Morocco and amongst the narrow streets you will come across all manner of shopkeepers selling all manner of goods - but all with a cheery smile.

The farmland around Essaouira is as productive as the Atlantic Ocean.  So along with the freshest fish imaginable you will see the freshest fruit and vegetables too piled high on the stalls that occupy the central crossroads of town.

Dining out in Essaouira

The produce in Essaouira is plentiful and the chefs (both Moroccan and French) are imaginative; creating the perfect combination for some memorable nights out in the towns many restaurants.  For a golf holiday filled with Winter sunshine, sea air, peace and fine dining, Essaouira is hard to beat.

Getting to Essaouira

Essaouira is very easy to get to for your golf holiday with the new direct flights with EasyJet.  Alternatively, there are plenty of flights to Marrakech or Casablanca from either of which we can arrange a driver (or you could drive yourself?) to take you to Essaouira, a trip that should normally take under two hours.

As a very popular French destination for surfers and Winter sun seekers, Air France offers connections from regional airports as do Air Portugal and others.

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