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Mystical Morocco: golf holidays with added spice

Morocco, the closest part of Africa to Europe, makes a fascinating golf holiday destination.  Morocco is a peaceful land and populated by a unique blend of friendly locals - everyone we send to Morocco for a golfing holiday comments on how hospitable the local Moroccans are.  Morocco is truly a melting pot of races and cultures, where various desert peoples criss-cross the plains, towns and mountains; each adding their own spice to the local culture.

Golf holidays in Morocco are thriving; indeed it is one of the few countries in the world where golf is actually growing and more golf courses are being built in Morocco than in any other golf destination that we know.  There are golf courses and golf resorts springing up all across Morocco, from Tangiers in the North along the coast to El Jadida, Mazagan, Essaouira and on down to Agadir on the southwest coast.

We keep closely in touch with all the major golf players in Morocco so that we can keep you abreast of the best Moroccan golf holiday destinations and all that is new in Moroccan golf - as soon as it happens!

olf in Marrakech

Unsurprisingly, Morocco has a very Arabian feel to it, but perhaps surprisingly due to its French colonial past, there is also a ready awareness of Western culture and many French choose to spend their Winters in Marrakech with its wonderfully dry climate.  This has led to many luxury hotel chains establishing themselves in Morocco, particularly Marrakech where there are some superb hotels replete with every creature comfort just outside the walls of the ancient Medinah.

So although Morocco is markedly different to any other golf destination that we know, with its heavy French influence the culture shock is never too severe!  If you have never played golf in Africa before, then a golf holiday in Morocco is a great place to start!

Golf holidays in Marrakech

Marrakech has a long and rich history, the home of empire-builders and Berber rulers.  Its prosperity has ebbed and flowed over the years, but these days it is back at the height of its powers and popularity with enlightened tourists flocking from across the globe to discover Marrakech's magical charms.

One of the great beauties of Morocco is that knows no cultural or religious barriers.  The old Marrakchis that dwell in the labyrinthine heart of its ancient Medinah are happy with the modern city that has developed beyond their walls, bringing tourists to enjoy the exceptional winter climate and keen to learn of their antique ways.

Morocco was for many years under French rule and consequently French is widely spoken, plus there is still a strong French presence with so many French living here during the Winter or staying in the luxurious hotels of the new town that is slowly spreading out from Marrakech across the desert.

This convivial confluence of cultures means that tourists can dip-in and dip-out of the traditional Berber lifestyle in amongst the bustling Souks and food stalls of the main square (Jmaa el Fna) or luxurious French hospitality and cuisine at any number of hotels and restaurants just outside the walls.  The choice is entirely yours!

But, however you choose to spend your day, when the sun starts sinking in the West, the place to be is the Jmaa el Fna, where you will be greeted by one of the greatest shows on Earth as hundreds of food stalls appear from nowhere and the locals gather round to eat and chat be entertained by the story-tellers, fortune-tellers, acrobats, musicians and snake charmers and veteran water sellers.

Sitting on one of the balconies, sipping a mint tea and looking down on this cacophony of sights, sounds and smells is a something that your senses will never forget!

Marrakech - snakecharmers
Golf holidays in Marrakech - luxury hotels
Food stall - Marrakech
Golf holidays in Marrakech - Superb restaurants
Golf Holidays in El Jadida & Mazagan
Golf Holidays in El Jadida & Mazagan
El Jadida - the taown

Golf Holidays in El Jadida & Mazagan

El Jadida lies on the coast just about an hour south of Casablanca.  It is an old fishing port (once upon a time under Portuguese dominion), it is slowly being discovered by tourists so somewhat lagging behind Marrakech in terms of modern infrastructure.

Nevertheless, a little North of the town there are two very attractive golf resorts with two contrasting courses practically side-by-side along the coast: Mazagan and Royal El Jadida.

Mazagan is only a few years old and dedicated to luxury stays and golf.  The hotel is designed to be a one-stop golf destination with with several restaurants, bars and a casino within its walls.  They also offer 'All-inclusive' style holidays so many golfers staying here never venture beyond this comfortable enclave.

El Jadida on the other hand is an older hotel and and an older golf course.  Both are extremely well looked after however and staying in the Pullman El Jadida has more of a French colonial feel and an attachment to the town and the past.

Whichever resort you choose, you can of course nip up or down the coast to play the other course. 

Its worth noting too that it makes a perfect Summer golfing destination as due to the ocean breezes it hardly ever gets too hot for golf - 30 degrees Centigrade at most - even in July and August!

Golf Holidays in Agadir

Down in the southwestern extremity of Morocco lies Agadir.  Thanks to its perfect Summer climate it has long been a destination for package tourists looking for a bucket and spade style beach holiday and consequently has quite a different feel to it; dare we say un-Moroccan?  The strip of hotels and bars along the seaside is very European and also very busy during the height of the Summer with holidaymakers sprawled across the long sandy beaches.

Out of season however, it becomes a much quieter town allowing golfers to enjoy some warm seaside golf even in the depths of northern Winters.  Agadir has four Golf Clubs with five excellent courses between them and many of the hotels offer 'All-inclusive' style holidays, if you like that sort of thing.

  So if you would like to play some golf beside the sea in Morocco and enjoy a little western style nightlife then Agadir could well be the spot for your next golf holiday.

Golf Holidays in Agadir
Golf Holidays in Agadir
Golf Holidays in Essaouira
Golf Holidays in Essaouira

Golf Holidays in Essaouira

Essaouira is one of Morocco's little jewels on the coast west of Marrakech.  A beautiful whitewashed port where windsurfers have been at play for years, there are now 27 Gary Player designed holes in play too at the Mogador golf resort.

An all year round destination, Essaouira makes a great ‘Sea & City’ combination coupled with a few days in Marrakech.

Golf Holidays in Essaouira
Moroccan Pastilla
Moroccan couscous berbere
Moroccan Tajine - delicious!

Moroccan food and wine

Wining and dining in Morocco offers the best of two very different worlds: Arabia and Europe.

The local Moroccan dishes such as Tajine, the legendary Couscous and the Marrakech speciality Tanjia are slowly cooked in earthenware pots over open fires that concentrate all the flavours and spices into succulent morsels that just fall from the bone.

Mingled amongst all these Moroccan restaurants there are plenty of out-and-out French restaurants too in Morocco (plus a surprising number of Italians) that offer the same fresh local produce, herbs and spices but combined in more European styles.

Amongst other things that the French introduced to Morocco was winemaking.  No surprise really with the combination of rich fertile soils and an abundance of sunshine providing the perfect conditions for ripening grapes.  If you've never tried Moroccan wine (or Casablanca beer for that matter), there in a little treat in store for you from the vineyards of Meknes (amongst others)!

Moroccans though, have quite a sweet tooth and you will find some delicious pastries with a variety of sweet nutty fillings on offer both at breakfast and with your afternoon tea - mint tea of course, in true Moroccan style!

Moroccan tea and pastries
Sunset at Essaouira

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