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The best courses for golf holidays in Barcelona.

Real Club de Golf El Prat

Real El Prat is the oldest Club in town, founded in 1912 near the airport, which then expanded, entailing a move to higher ground in the late 90s.  There are now four loops of nine (Abajo, Arriba, Piscina, Bosque) which are paired into four combinations: Open, Azul, Amarillo, Rosa; seemingly at the Greenkeeper's whim.  So it's hard to predict exactly what layout you will play on any given day: suffice to say all four loops are excellent. 
P.S. The four loops and four courses have Catalan names as well - just to (over)complicate matters further!
Real El Prat - Open (Abajo & Arriba)  Architect: G. Norman (1997).  18 holes: 6,372m: par 72.

The hillier pair of the four nines at El Prat combine to create an almost 'adventure-golf' course that is thrilling to look at and enthralling to play.  Mr. Norman is not afraid of gently pushing the golfing design boundaries!

Real El Prat - Azul (Piscina & Bosque)   Architect: G. Norman (1997). 18 holes: 6,187m: par 72.

The flatter of the two nines combine to create a stylish modern layout through tall pines where huge bunkers form the main obstacle in your quest to reach the large rolling Greens.

Vallromanes  Architect: F. Hawtree (1968). 18 holes: 6,044m: par 72.

The most hidden of golfing gems, Vallromanes is an ancient beauty secreted away in the forests northeast of Barcelona.  Classical golfing around a majestic 400 year-old Clubhouse: simply sumptuous.

Sant Cugat  Architect: H.S. Colt (1914). 18 holes: 5,050m: par 69.

A shortish course that has neverthless hosted the Spanish Open in days of yore (and gave Seve his first job as a Pro).  The complicated layout has many twists and turns and some sharp dog-legs so distance control is the key here.

La Roca  Architect: A. Viador (2006). 18 holes: 6,000m: par 71.

A commercial Club (next door to the La Roca Outlet Shopping Village) with a highly entertaining course on easy-going terrain that straddles the Vallfornés river, which is brought into play here and there.  Small modern Clubhouse with a big welcome for visitors!

Masia Bach  Architect: J-M. Olazabal (1990). 18 holes: 6,271m: par 72.

A grand residential scheme with a huge course (buggies available) that swoops and climbs around the hillsides with some stunning holes and views.  Currently a little short on investment but worthy of a game nevertheless.

Llavaneras  Architect: F. Hawtree (1945). 18 holes: 5,024m: par 70.

Mr. Hawtree has done his best with some tricky land, terracing many holes into the hillside above the town and coast: miss a Fairway and you will be literally scrambling! 

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